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Summer Dance Camps

 Ages 3 – 8yrs

Beginning June 10th!

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Summer Dance Classes

Ages 2 and UP!

Beginning June 4th!

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Azra Rizvic

"Also wanted to let you guys know that I was blown away by the show. Of course I was excited to see my “bug” on stage (she did so great!) but it was clear that a lot of hard work and planning went into the theming of each group to create a story. And not to mention the dancers - their talent and passion was amazing to see. Our entire family really enjoyed it. Thank you to the teachers, staff, and anyone else who had a hand in pulling off that performance."


"Taking a moment to send you all a sincere THANK YOU and BRAVO! The show was beautiful, and Zara has been beaming with pride all day! I know you all put many hours and tons of energy into your work so your ideas can come to fruition, but I am most impressed by the teamwork and positivity that is evident in your studio every week. I can feel how passionate you are and how much you care about your work, and it's clear that you all are helping young people tap into their greatness through dance. Thank you for today and for all you do!"

Jessie & Derek

"I remember telling Miss Alexis that I actually cried at one of Joanie’s little rehearsals. It was so amazing watching their little bodies dance with the words of the songs. I didn’t realize music and choreography could have that effect!"

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